Instamojo Product roadmap — (UpGrad Assignment)

Fig 1. Product Roadmap — 2104
Fig 2. Product Roadmap — 2015
  1. According to our user research and business model, we decided to improve user experience by adding additional product types to sell in the web store and more payment accepting methods in Insatmojo payments link.
  2. The user/customer wants to know the data about his sales payments. Also, they want other data like amount and transactions by comparing previous month details.
  3. We wanted to monitor all the process with the right method without affecting buyer/seller activities including payments, refunds etc. We planned to build Risk Management System algorithm to make sure the process in the right path and eliminate fraud activities.
  4. We want to help the sellers by providing additional functionalities. we don’t want to re-invent the wheel instead make use of existing one. So, planned to partner with third-party application vendors to offer their application on Instamojo App store
  5. We wanted to increase customer base. So, we decided to build various APIs to integrate with their individual e-commerce sites or mobile applications.
Fig 3. Product Roadmap — 2016
  1. Partnering with thirty Party Vendors. we wanted to increase the growth of the users’ web stores. So, we continued to invite more third-party vendors to join to offer their applications on Instamojo app store.
Fig 3. Product Roadmap — 2017 and now part 1
Fig 4. Product Roadmap — 2017 & now part2
  1. Adding themes to the web store. The user can buy a theme or choose free theme while building a web store.
  2. Free web store masking with domain ex: (when the user types this domain, he has to get Instamojo free web store)
  3. Adding functionalities like drag and drop layout, format options etc
  4. Pro-user can add another 10 users to web store to work independently.
  1. Continuous building of new plugins to acquire more customer base in different third-party e-commerce providers like Woo commerce, big commerce, shopify etc.
  2. UPI integration. As government supporting and also trusted by people. So, they decided to integrate.
  3. Appstore: Continues integration and partnership with many more vendors to offer their applications
  1. We will build iOS app to capture 2nd largest market
  2. Many more digital wallet integration for payment options
  3. Accepting recurring payments for credit cards and international debit cards
  4. Expanding Instamojo payments to different countries
  5. Integrating web store with Facebook shop in Facebook page and accept payments using instamojo link
  6. Payment reminder with email/message personalisation
  7. Promotion code option in web store
  8. Adding Pro-features by charging customers for additional features.




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