Instamojo Product roadmap — (UpGrad Assignment)

According to their website Instamojo is “India’s largest on-demand payments & e-commerce platform”

We make digital commerce universally accessible to create newer opportunities & sustainable livelihoods.

We believe every business idea deserves to be on the Internet to grow. But very few can. We make it possible with technology, data, design and little bit of Mojo (​noun | mo·jo | meaning magic​)

Instamojo Product Roadmap link:

Fig 1. Product Roadmap — 2104
Fig 2. Product Roadmap — 2015
Fig 3. Product Roadmap — 2016
Fig 3. Product Roadmap — 2017 and now part 1
Fig 4. Product Roadmap — 2017 & now part2 Agile Product Management

Lightshot screenshot



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